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Life Phases

01. Growing Families


Young adults who are growing their families and careers need to also focus on growing their assets for the future. This is the time of life where insurance can be especially important since a spouse and children (and all related expenses) may need to be financially supported for many years.

Arkansas’ 529 Plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan that makes saving for college a reality. Savings from this plan can be used for more than just tuition costs and may be spent on books and supplies, some room and board costs, and other higher education expenses. And these accounts may be opened with as little as $10 per month. Contributions to 529 Plans can be made through automatic payroll deposits, so this may be an important tool for growing families.

Also, especially important would be starting a 401(K) tax-deferred retirement plan. Even modest contributions add up and, as Albert Einstein was once reported to say, “the greatest power in the universe is compounded interest!” So it makes sense to max out your contributions to a 401(K) plan in this important phase of your life.

Our team will sit down with you and create a realistic roadmap to meet your financial goals.

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