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For Millennium Capital Advisors (MCA), trust is the key. Each of our client relationships is personal to us — that’s the only way we do business, and it sets us apart from other larger firms. We learn about your hopes and dreams for the future and then use all of our resources to work to make them come true. In addition to trust and the relationships we value so highly, timing is important. First, our goal is to make the right move with your investments at the right time. Secondly, we also respond to you in a timely manner as your needs change. Our service distinguishes us from many others in our business.

We are a fee-based, registered investment advisory firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Founded in 1996, we offer clients expertise in wealth management strategies, retirement planning, insurance evaluations, and succession planning.

We provide professional investment and wealth management services to individuals and families who are in their high income producing years or in need of financial planning and retirement planning. We are independent of any brokerage firm, mutual fund, or insurance company. Instead, our compensation is based on the growth of your assets, so our interests are the same as yours.

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MCA believes our ultimate product is trust, and we hold that very dear. We commit ourselves to building lifelong relationships with our clients, their families, and their legal and accounting teams. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations of service and communication.

We create a “family office” relationship for each client. We see change as a constant both in the markets and in the lives of our clients. We are a continually learning organization where nothing is taken for granted.


We’re delighted that you chose to visit this site and hope you take a few minutes to learn more about how we can work to increase your financial health.

Our Leadership

“Your best investment is yourself. There is nothing that compares to it.”

Warren Buffett (2013)

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