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Black or white? On or off? Wouldn’t it be great if smart investing decisions were that easy?

In today’s fast-changing markets, smart investors look beyond buy-and-hold strategies to capitalize on immediate opportunities. In an effort to capitalize on these opportunities for our clients, we have added tactical elements to our strategic advice models. One of these is our Relative Strength Model.

Relative Strength

Variations of the relative strength model can be traced back to the early 20th Century to Charles Dow, the first editor of the Wall Street Journal. By plotting the relative strength of individual sectors, compared to the overall market, we are able to see trends emerge. This prompts us to buy sectors with positive relative strengths and sell (or avoid) sectors with negative relative strength. In the markets, nothing is certain but, over time, the use of relative strength increases the odds of superior performance versus the overall marketplace.

Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis

When to buy is as important as is what to buy. Timing is critical – and our philosophy of being responsive holds equally true for our interaction with the market as much as it does for how we treat our clients. The combination of fundamental analysis (the “what”) and technical analysis (the “when”) forms the basis for the recommendations we make. Millennium’s resources make this dual analysis possible and go hand-in-hand with our personal commitment to being responsive and to delivering any benefits derived to you.

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